Lightning Runners - The Game

Stay alive, get home and save your mob! It’s the far future, and Burra’gorang the giant kangaroo has stolen the Lightning Stone, which powers our city. It’s your job to bring it back, keep healthy and help others along the way, before battling the ultimate evil.


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What is Lightning Runners?

An action puzzle game for 8 to 12 year olds, Lightning Runners is an online addition to the face-to-face Heartbeat program. Children can pursue it in their own time or in the classroom or side by side with parents. 

With Lightning Runners, young people learn important health and cultural messages through action in a fantasy environment.

Players learn healthy eating habits, environmental and social health, traditional Aboriginal medicines and the importance of helping others. You can use different events in the game as points for deeper discussion about a topic. Why did this happen when you did that? Or you can just let them play!

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Image of studnets with plants learning traditional medicine